2 Blokes, 1 Mic & The World Of Cinema!

Welcome to the BlokeBusters Website!

You made it! Thanks for taking the time to find our little piece of the internet. Here is the website for the BlokeBusters Podcast. We talk about film (or movies if that's your thing), we chit, we chat, we go off on tangents and we even have our very own rating system! But enough about that. On with the show! Here we shall be uploading our newest episodes, linking to our other (awesome) pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, bringing you up to speed on any developments and, eventually, our web store. So sit comfortably, pick up your favourite beverage and always remember to Share And Enjoy!

Our latest episodes are available on your left (for those who want to just give us a quick listen) and our entire catalogue can be found to your right (and also the left, but that's not quite as punchy!).

Here is the British side of our friendly neighbourhood film critics. Admittedly he does look slightly like Malcolm McDowell, but he likes to think that it's not a bad thing! 

This is our lovely artwork, done for us by the rather talented....

Paul Hawkins!

Here is the American side of the Dynamic Duo. Half Michael Bay protestor, half Music Theatre lover, ALL man!