2 Blokes, 1 Mic & The World Of Cinema!

Hello once more! We've actually done another one of these! And this time around we're talking about adaptations. We discuss both good and bad, cover some of our favourites and just have some jolly good fun in the process!

There's not much to say for this one, other than it's an introduction episode for a new series we've started doing called Franch-Fried!

For more info, listen in and/or check out the Franch-Fried page. We really hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to another episode of Film For Thought. This time, we've taken a random caller from Ireland. Not sure why, but we did. Anyway, since we had him on we felt we should do something with him. What followed was a discussion about Film scores/soundtracks and how important they are. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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