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Franch-Fried: Where The Lame Show Horses Are Put Out To Pasture!

So, we felt like we deserved a bit of a break from our usual Franch-Fried. We wanted to take a look back at an old franchise and see if they did things just as badly back then as they do now. This is the result of that inquiry!

(For those wondering, this isn't the last Franch-Fried. Pay no attention to the caption in the top-left corner!)

Well folks, you voted for this. You wanted us to cover the Child's Play franchise, and this is the result. Because of some fortunate (or unfortunate, as the case may be) timing, we cover the VERY recently released entry known as Cult Of Chucky. And, it is.... well.... something. Yeah.

Remember, you asked for it.

Hello there. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen in as the BlokeBusters and TheVern (@videovangaurd) discuss the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise. So, who liked it? Who hated it? Did anyone have any real feelings one way or the other? You'll need to listen in to find out!