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BlokeBusters Episode 98 A (B coming soon)!

It's time for a massive undertaking! We enlisted the marvellous Janelle Meghan (@janelle_meghan) once more to help us review both seasons of Stranger Things! In episode A, we cover Season 1. We laugh, we cry and we tackle the Demagorgon head on. In episode B, we cover Season 2. We do much the same thing, but on a larger scale!

Huge thanks to Michael Regina (@michaelregina) for allowing us to use his artwork for the first promotional artwork!

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BlokeBusters Episode 97: Earth Girls Are Easy or: Love Finds A Way!

Welcome to a rather interesting episode of BlokeBusters. This entry comes as a result of a fan request and, as per usual, we said yes and sat down to watch the film Earth Girls Are Easy. This was a first time watch for one person (take a wild guess who!) and the boys then decided to draft in an enigmatic guy who goes by the name “Canadian Steve” (@fingastylz). Why did they get him on the podcast? Well, anyone who has seen the film knows that it’s definitely full of things to talk about! We’re very thankful to Canadian Steve for popping on, and taking time out of his busy podcasting schedule to talk EGAE with us!

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