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BlokeBusters Mini-Sode 3: It's Been A Loooooong Time!

Welcome to a very random Mini-Sode of BlokeBusters. Paul sat down in front of his mic to talk to you all about the podcast in general, a few of his favourite authors and some of his favourite episodes of the podcast. He really hopes you all enjoy it!

BlokeBusters Episode 91: Cool Runnings or: It's Butt-Whooping Time!!

Well folks, it's the review that no-one saw coming, no-one asked for and (possibly) no-one wants to hear. Never-the-less, we sat down in front of the mic and let our feelings known. So, what did we think? Who is the greatest pushcart driver in all of Jamaica? Yul Brenner? You'll need to listen in to find out the answer to every single one!

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