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BlokeBusters Episode 94: American Psycho or: Meet You At Dorsia!

Well guys, we've finally done it. The one thing literally nobody kept asking us to do was review Fifty Shades Of Grey. And, since we always listen to our audience, we went and reviewed American Psycho. So, what did we think? Was Bateman's suit too wrinkly? Was the food not quite up to par? Were the drugs even worth taking? We don't know. But you can find our review hidden deep inside!

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BlokeBusters Episode 93: Paul or: Paul or: Paul or: Paul

Welcome to an interesting episode of BlokeBusters! This time Paul locked Brian out of the house so that he could talk to Paul & Paul about the film Paul. Yes, he's gone totally mad now. But that's ok, because it's quite entertaining to listen to! Big thanks to the guys from @OgTPod for taking part!!

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