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BlokeBusters Episode 100: Thanks For Listening!!!

Well, we've made it. We reached 100 regular episodes! Many never thought we'd make it. Many other FEARED that we would. Well, we're still here and we're still giving it our usual flair (whatever that may be). So we took this opportunity to look back and let you guys know just what we thought about our journey so far. We hope you'll listen in and enjoy!

BlokeBusters Episode 80d: Black Mirror S4 Eps 4-6

This episode is the conclusion of our discussion of Black Mirror's latest season with the wonderful Kealeen Griffin. Those of you keeping up will be very familiar with these episodes, and those of you who are new to our show are more than welcome to start here or flip back through our catalogue to start at 80a. We think you'll really enjoy them!

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